New Look at Hawk From DC's TITANS Justin Howell, the stunt double for Hawk in Titans, has revealed another
look at the superhero’s duds. This offers fans a better look at the front
of the costume.
Kid Trunks Flaunts His Gamer Skills in "Love Never Blossoms" Video Trunks will be joining Ski Mask The Slump God on his U.S. tour in August.
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Tite Kubo Sings Praises of Live-Action BLEACH TIte Kubo is enjoyed seeing the live-action adaptation of Bleach and is now
urging fans to go see it. If only it was coming to the US!
Here's Why Lil Uzi Vert Fans Think He's Dropping a Project This Week Fans have gathered a few clues that lead them to believe Lil Uzi Vert is releasing a new project this week. He changed his Instagram bio to "Eternal Atake" along with a moon emoji, an emoji that matches the quarter moon ...
Check Out This Time Lapse Of This Mind-Blowing Thanos Lego Statue Normally I think Lego statues are tacky and a waste of space, but this does put a smile on my face. Seriously the amount of work that went into this Thanos figure is insane, and while I still don't think ...
Zaytoven On What Makes the ‘Beast Mode’ Series So Special The producer takes a few minutes out from his recent hot streak to share the secrets behind his and Future’s beloved projects.
Man vs. machine: An A.I. algorithm attempts to break a world speed record A new machine learning algorithm created at Switzerland’s EPFL is being used to design what its creators hope is the world's fastest bicycle. It will attempt a world record later this year.
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