01. Vendetta
02. Poltergeist*
03. Fabulous Life
04. Blueprint**
05. Momma Breaks It Down (Interlude)***
06. Laid Back
07. You Weren’t Meant To Rock
08. Spin Ya 1

Jason Gregory are:
Jason Gaines a/k/a Laurel Hall
Jason Peate a/k/a SoulCineMatik
Gregory Greenlaw a/k/a Greenlaw
featuring Jason Wright a/k/a the Gentleman Alphonse

Produced by SoulCineMatik for TapInDisOrder, LLC.
Scratches on “Poltergeist” by DJ MetroGnome.*
“Blueprint” produced by Mid-Wes.**
“Momma Breaks It Down (Interlude)” produced by Beatroom for Plaza Melodic Recordings, LLC.***

Vocals recorded by SoulCineMatik.
Arranged by Beatroom for Plaza Melodic Recordings, LLC.
Mixed by Warren ‘Three V’ Harris, Shadowkat Nightson & SoulCineMatik at Harris Hitz Studio, Indianapolis, IN.
MP3 Encoding by Shadowkat Nightson.

Photography: Jace |
Art Design:
Online: |

Executive Producers: Greenlaw & SoulCineMatik
Associate Executive Producers: Shadowkat Nightson, Warren ‘Three V’ Harris & Beatroom

Released by: Nightsons, LLC
Release Date: April 22, 2012

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